IT Lawyers Association

John P Beardwood

Fasken Martineau
Toronto, Canada

Background and Global Representation
ITechLaw has been serving the technology law community worldwide since 1971 and is one of the most widely established and largest associations of its kind. ITechLaw has a global membership base representing six continents and spanning more than 60 countries. Its members and officials reflect a broad spectrum of expertise in the technology law field.

Leadership and Education
Led by a distinguished Board of Directors and Executive Committee, ITechLaw informs and educates lawyers about the unique legal issues arising from the evolution, production, marketing, acquisition and use of information and communications technology.

ITechLaw is a forum for the exchange of ideas and in-depth examination of information technology and telecommunications law issues. These exchanges take place in various settings allowing for widespread attendance and participation:

- Global conferences including annual meetings held in the United States, Europe and Asia;
- Committee participation in both organizational matters and substantive law developments; and,
- Association publications including monthly eNews and quarterly eBulletin journal of technology law.

Networking and Other Member Benefits
ITechLaw offers unparalleled opportunities for international networking with experts and colleagues around the world. ITechLaw organizes worldwide conferences in North America, Europe and India, bringing together the finest minds in technology law today.

TechLaw Connect
With the recent launch of its new website, ITechLaw introduced ITechLaw Connect, a social network allowing members to connect and collaborate as well as participate in committee forums, access key information and take part in discussions.

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